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Ethnoecology is the study of people (ethnos) and their lived environments (ecology). Specifically, we consider how people utilize, relate to, and experience the natural world. A key feature of ethnoecological research is understanding the role of history and culture in shaping the structure and function of ecosystems and challenging the power dynamics of settler colonial land use and decision-making.

". . .exposing the lies of the self serving colonial academic institutions of america bolstering the rights and obligation to disobedience, and resisting the tyranny of the US fantasies concerning history and justice and morality." 


what is indigenous studies?

We acknowledge and sincerely thank the many Elders and knowledge holders in our lives and in the communities we work for and with.  For your time, knowledge, labour, laughter, and your investment to the land and your communities, we especially thank Ts'msyen, Gitxsan, Wet'suwet'en, Coast Salish, and Nak'azdli friends and colleagues for having our team on their land and on all their unceded territories in so-called British Columbia.

Maggie (Nak'azdli) harvesting soapberry (Shepherdia canadensis)